Swiss Vault Systems​​
We are innovators in green, high density, secure cluster computing.

Our Vision
 to disrupt the fundamental economics of data management and enable every organization to store and access  every piece of data forever – with high security!  
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Our Platform
Unique. Innovative. Cool.
  1. Manage Large Data
    SV's storage archetypes are designed to store massive data volumes economically for decades with low overhead costs, easy maintenance and long product life cycles.
  2. Edge Computing
    Billions of IoT connected devices are processing data at the edge of the network, and our devices fit seamlessly with data capture & analysis using high performance computing.
  3. Data Vault
    Our hardware embedded security enables any organization to build a data vault - to secure their assets onsite from ransomeware, data theft and data loss.
Swiss Vault is developing the best-in-class solution for storage of large data.  Genomics, Telecommunications, Seismic, Astronomy . . .  require an exceptional storage archetype  that also enables demanding data access and  analysis operations.  Our unique hardware design and software setup ensures rapid analysis, with secure long-term storage at very low energy consumption. ​
This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 836207